Blood is always needed
  • The blood supply must cover every day needs and unexpected disasters. Frequent volunteer blood donors ensure that blood is ready (collected and tested) and available year-round whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • A common misunderstanding about blood usage is that accident victims are the patients who use the most blood. Actually, people who receive the most blood include those:
      For the treatment of various anemias
     being treated for cancer
      undergoing orthopedic surgeries
     undergoing organ and marrow transplants
     undergoing cardiovascular surgeries
     being treated for inherited blood disorders
  • Major disasters do not usually required large amounts of blood, and in most cases hospital rely on the blood that is available in blood banks to save life.
  • But that's when blood bank see the greatest outpouring of support from donors.
  • Blood is needed every day. You can help blood bank fulfill every request for blood by making sure it is available before it's needed.